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“If you hire people for their smarts, don’t keep them stupid”

After the acquisition of his wireless tech start-up, Greenpeak Technologies, Dutch Wi-Fi pioneer, Cees Links, brings Qorvo a little taste of his own style. It’s not just engineering that this semicon giant is looking for, you’ll need to bring an affinity for commerce.


Phix and Ficontec assemble photonics partnership
Vibes, BMW and TU Munich collaboration gives Eurostars a good vibe
NXP opens 5G RF power amplifier fab in Arizona
Thales and UT extend collaboration to AI and cybersecurity
CITC and HAN kick off chip packaging course
Medtech Twente asking national government to chip in
Astron, S&T and KNMI team up for solar eruption warning system

Harvesting energy from the coldness of the universe

The vast cold space of the universe is a neglected energy source that now can be tapped.

In other news

First long-range solar car unveiled on 25 June (Lightyear)
Dutch security service investigates Huawei back door (
Preceyes’ robotic assistant used for epiretinal membrane peel at Rotterdam hospital (TUE)

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How digitalization disrupts companies

Although everyone talks about digitalization (software, data and AI) and the risk of disruption that this brings to companies, very few talk about how companies get disrupted in practice.