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Intel is getting a little bit too eager in its courtship with Europe

Intel can romance European authorities to fund its fabs until it sees blue, but what it needs most is to dispel the suspicion that its advances are more about money than about love.

Is machine learning just another hype?

According to Robert Howe, there are a whole lot of issues with machine learning that make it unsuitable for scaling. In the run-up to the Software-Centric Systems Conference, going live on 6 October, Howe is poking the bear with a couple of counter-hype views on software (engineering) technology.

Decades of experience drives one-of-a-kind switched-mode power supply training

For 40+ years, Frans Pansier has worked designing, developing, teaching and training advanced power supplies. According to him, challenging the mindset of young engineers is how he draws his energy. His favorite part? Sharing his knowledge and information that people simply can’t get at university – or anywhere else.

Silicon anode startup Leydenjar raises money for the home stretch

Aiming to revolutionize the battery industry, Leydenjar raised 22 million euros to perfect its silicon anode recipe as well as the equipment to manufacture these components in high volumes. The first tool shipments are expected in two years’ time.

In other news

Solar Team Eindhoven unveils solar-powered driving house (TUE)
Lightyear reaches $110M funding milestone in 2021 YTD (press release)
Germany hands over 120 million euros to Tesla (Evertiq)
Q3 outlook bodes well for most leading semi suppliers (IC Insights)
Alphabet laser tech beams 700 TB across nearly 5 km (The Verge)

Bits&Chips podcasts: Marcel van Veen (IMS)

René Raaijmakers talks to the innovators driving the high-tech industry. Listen (in Dutch) to researchers, developers and decision-makers speak about trends, technology, business and their motivations. In this week’s edition of the Bits&Chips podcast, Marcel van Veen on IMS’ ambitions in back-end semicon.

Outdated belief #10: It’s only about the customer and us

The offerings you provide to your customers don’t operate in a vacuum but in an often surprisingly complex context. Failing to appreciate this may easily be the precursor to your disruption.

Opening doors

Can’t decide whether you should stay put or pursue the career opportunity that presented itself? If rational considerations fail, take a cue from an old American TV quiz.