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Technology alone won’t save us

Technology isn’t the silver bullet to combat global warming, argues Paul van Gerven. Our never-ending faith in it has actually made things worse.


The Netherlands loses leader status in EU innovation ranking
NXP holds off on European fab ambitions
Former ASML executive Frits van Hout to support Smart Photonics
Wind of €3M investment sends Kitepower soaring
Bavaria in fab talks with Intel
Dimenco’s simulated reality reels in €2.5M and Acer
Intel to decide about European fab before end of year
Nexperia invests $700M in manufacturing and R&D

Throwing money

With the world in desperate need of green technology and Europe increasingly getting squeezed between the US and China, the Dutch government needs to step up and really invest in education and innovation.

In other news

Broadcom sues Netflix (Variety)
Printed electronics expects another year of growth (OE-A)
IBM and Fraunhofer bring quantum computing to Germany (Fraunhofer)

This is not the end

COVID-19 is terrible from a humanitarian, as well as from an economic perspective. However, we can use these circumstances to realize at least some benefits that may help our companies going forward.