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ASML looking to finally get ahead of Moore’s law

Never knowing what new applications Moore’s law will enable next, ASML decided to start expecting the unexpected.

Next Level Electronics acquisition gives Lightyear freedom in power converters

For years, a dozen engineers within Next Level Electronics developed power converters outside office hours, while most of them worked part-time for Lightyear. Lightyear’s acquisition of NLE straightens this out.

Getting smarter with digital twins together

Initiated by the High Tech Systems Center, EAISI has recently expanded its Digital Twin Lab to support experiments in this field. The lab is necessary to bring all expertise together and accelerate progress, both on campus and in industry.

Dutch semicon companies stand tall at start of downturn

As the industry braces for a downturn, Dutch semiconductor companies are still going strong.

In other news

Lightyear awarded Golden Steering Wheel for innovation (press release)
Intel hit with $949M US verdict in VLSI patent trial (Reuters)
TSMC expansion in Arizona to target 3nm node (EE Times)
Cerebras launches waferscale-based supercomputer (Electronics Weekly)

Brainport should export its world-class software engineering capabilities

In a world where there’s growing demand for increasingly complex cyber-physical systems, there’s a huge opportunity for Brainport region companies to leverage their unique competencies, argues Robert Howe.

Boost your digitalization: platformize

Reaching the ignition point in an ecosystem requires significant investment, a well-defined strategy and exceptional execution of that strategy.