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Record number of orders mark next phase of EUV adoption

The first ‘EUV devices’ are on the market, but that’s only the beginning. The number of EUV layers in chips will keep increasing and that’s good news for ASML – but also a bit of a challenge.

Bridging the gap

Shortly after arriving at hardware stronghold NTS, Nico Meijerman started to work on bridging the gap between software engineering and the worlds of physics, mechanics and hardware-related disciplines.

ESI helps Thermo Fisher and Philips grease their software machines

Thermo Fisher Scientific called on TNO joint innovation center ESI to clean up its software and make it future-proof. The approach developed in their public-private partnership was also successfully adopted by Philips.

In other news

NXP touts auto-grade AI toolkit for autonomous vehicles (EE Times)
Robot hand taught itself to solve a Rubik’s Cube (MIT)
Connexxion orders 156 electric buses in Deurne (Ebusco)

Living on the edge

The cloud-centric perspective is a rather naive point of view. We need to decide on the right allocation of functionality between the edge, on-premise servers and the cloud.