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Imec’s take on Europe’s leading-edge fab: ambitious, but not impossible

The European Union wants at least 20 percent of the world’s cutting-edge microelectronics produced in Europe. Technologically, it’s feasible, says Imec’s chief strategy officer, Jo De Boeck, but there are more obstacles to overcome.

Lou Ottens, audio innovation giant

The passing of Lou Ottens marks the closing of an era. An audio man to the core, he stood at the cradle of the compact cassette at Philips and played a guiding role in the development and industrialization of the compact disc.


TSMC calls worldwide plans for boosting chip production “unrealistic”
Trillion+ semiconductor units shipped again this year
Airbus and TNO link on laser-based aircraft communication
ICT accelerates growth plan with Profit and Strypes NL acquisitions
Port of Rotterdam commissions 77 hybrid-electrical AGVs with VDL
Sirius Medical goes international with US approval and UK implant
TSMC pouring 100 billion in capacity expansion
Delft SEM tweak results in 20x faster imaging
Quantum photonics company Quix makes its first sale
Inmarsat files suit over Dutch government 5G spectrum allocation

Plotting the course to next-gen data centers and a new digital infrastructure

To reach carbon neutrality, it’s going to take an all-hands-on-deck approach. Asperitas is working together with strategic partners like Shell and communities like OCP and SDIA to illustrate the roadmap to the carbon-free data centers of the future.

System architecture and leadership – practical and no-nonsense

High Tech Institute is launching an intensive System Architect Masters (Sysam) training program for system architects and systems engineers. Ger Schoeber and Jaco Friedrich offer aspiring professionals a robust nine-month program of training and coaching on their own projects.

In other news

TU Delft satellite woke up after seven years of space coma (Delta)
Europe moves to exclude neighbors from its quantum and space research (Science)
Taiwan chipmakers prepare for drought (EE Times)
Advantech warns component shortage will slow growth (The Register)
Micron abandons 3D XPoint memory technology (Anandtech)

Bits&Chips podcasts: Vicky Philipsen

René Raaijmakers talks to the innovators driving the high-tech industry. Listen (in Dutch) to researchers, developers and decision-makers speak about trends, technology, business and their motivations. In editions 7 of the Bits&Chips podcast, Imec’s Vicky Philipsen on EUV masks.

Don’t go down with the ship

You need to find ways to experiment and innovate that are transparent and inclusive to your value chain. Don’t let yourself be taken hostage by your partners.

Technology and peace

As vertical integration is making a comeback in tech, Marco Jacobs feels much safer in a world in which companies and countries depend on one another.