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Why Philips-founded equipment outfit ITEC is going at it alone

After 30 years under the wings of Philips, NXP and finally Nexperia, back-end semiconductor equipment manufacturer ITEC has been detached from the parent company. What prompted this move?

Streamlining troubleshooting in the field

Canon Production Printing has teamed up with TNO’s joint innovation center ESI to identify potentially failing parts and predict potential issues in production printers. In the Carefree project, they’re developing hybrid AI technology to support service engineers.

Heterogeneous integration key to future integrated-photonics growth

No single integrated-photonics technology can do it all: they need to be combined for maximum functionality. The set of techniques to do that – hybrid or heterogeneous integration – is a key growth driver for the Dutch integrated-photonics industry.

Improving software quality and efficiency by product code encapsulation

To maintain the speed and quality of machine software, Kulicke & Soffa and Alten have started a refactoring project parallel to regular development. Their efforts are already starting to pay off.

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Bits&Chips podcasts: Barry Peet

René Raaijmakers talks to the innovators driving the high-tech industry. Listen (in Dutch) to researchers, developers and decision-makers speak about trends, technology, business and their motivations. In this week’s edition of the Bits&Chips podcast, director Barry Peet on the latest developments at CITC.

Ask the headhunter

My new employer is insisting that I move from Belgium to the Netherlands. They don’t want to set a precedent in working from home and claim that it would lead to all kinds of tax and insurance complications.

Outdated belief #6: The data is owned by the customer and we can’t monetize it

Current highly restrictive approaches around data in many companies are holding us back from adopting the best practices in product development and evolution. Stop operating on beliefs and start collecting data so you can make decisions based on facts.