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Don’t let China corner the mature-node markets

Cut off from advanced manufacturing equipment by export restrictions, China could very well double down on legacy nodes. This should set off alarm bells in the West.


NXP and Nexperia veteran Mark Luke Farrugia to head up CITC

The Chip Integration Technology Center in Nijmegen has found a new general manager: Mark Luke Farrugia.


Challenging C++

In a series of articles, computer programming enthusiast and High Tech Institute trainer Kris van Rens puts C++ in a modern perspective.


Effect Photonics co-founder Boudewijn Docter steps down

Boudewijn Docter has announced his resignation as president and director of Effect Photonics, the optical-transceiver company he co-founded in 2009.


Dutch demand Europe-wide implementation of semi equipment export controls

The Dutch government is coordinating potential export restrictions for ASML’s semiconductor equipment with other European countries.


TSMC is mulling an automotive fab in Europe

TSMC is considering construction of its first fab on European soil, CEO CC Wei said on an earnings call with analysts.

In other news

University of Antwerp’s Silvia Lenaerts becomes new TUE rector (press release)
Leasing company Arval pre-orders 10,000 Lightyear 2s (Silicon Canals)
Imec crafting tools to treat cancer, sequence proteomes (EE Times)
How this record company engineer invented the CT scanner (IEEE Spectrum)


Trust and control

Managers want productivity and predictability. There’s a great way to get both, argues Han Schaminee: empowering their team members and making them feel safe.


PD fallacy #4: innovation means latest technology

Instead, we have to view innovation as invention + monetization and broaden our perspective to include other factors that contribute to business success.


System architecting for politicians

System architecting isn’t only useful for high-tech companies. It can also benefit politicians. Luud Engels explains.