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ASML tones down fears of chip slump

Seeing little signs of litho tool demand slowing down amid increased macroeconomic uncertainty, ASML continues to aggressively expand manufacturing capacity as planned.

Semiconductor testing grapples with cost and complexity

Supply chain collaboration, all-electrical testing and introduction of IP licensing into the semiconductor testing arena. These strategies to manage complexity and drive down costs will be hot topics during Salland Engineering’s upcoming Future of Test symposium in Zwolle.

Gaining a competitive advantage from the intersection of AI and simulation

Engineers are finding new ways to develop more effective AI models. Mathworks’ Seth DeLand explores how simulation and artificial intelligence combine to solve challenges of time, model reliability and data quality.

Twente’s silicon nitride ecosystem moves up a gear

Through a concerted effort spearheaded by the University of Twente, the silicon nitride ecosystem in the east of the Netherlands prepares to spread its wings.

In other news

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Where’s the Chips Education Act?

Without the workforce, any industry policy is doomed to fail. So where’s the human resource plan to match the European Chips Act, asks Martijn Heck.

Boost your digitalization: find the pains

Don’t let automation in your organization be blocked by inertia, regulation or technical difficulty. Recognize possibilities due to new technologies or other reasons and then act on these.