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Prodrive launches Peblar brand of highly integrated chargers made in Son

Building on the mothership’s expertise and facilities, Peblar enters the European EV charging landscape with an automotive-grade solution that combines all components on a single PCB.


Director Bert Krikke leaves Novio Tech Campus

Krikke’s sudden leaving, effective 1 July, is prompted by a difference of opinion with the campus board regarding the course to be followed.


Lightyear wanted to reinvent the wheel

Well into the 21th century, the Brainport hasn’t shaken off the not-invented-here syndrome.


Leuven’s holographic IC startup Swave tops up seed capital

Bagging an additional 3-million-euro investment, the spinoff from Imec and VUB is working on high-resolution 3D image technology claimed to blur the lines between illusion and reality.


Bio-electromagnetic simulation for wearable devices

Designing wearable devices for consumers or medical applications comes with its challenges related to the small form factor, battery lifetime and connectivity.


Report: Intel latches onto Arm IPO

According to several media outlets, Intel is considering becoming an anchor investor in Arm’s public offering.

In other news

“TU Delft opens branch in Rotterdam, fewer students in Delft” (Delta)
Tsinghua professor: goals of “Made in China 2025” are unachievable (Tom’s Hardware)
CEA-Leti and Intel to develop atomically thin 2D TMDs on 300mm wafers (New Electronics)
World’s largest fusion project ITER is in big trouble (Scientific American)

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CEOs who see software as an enabler put their company at risk

Software changes products, business models and even entire industries. Today’s leaders need to understand that if their companies are to have a future, argues Han Schaminee.


Protagonist rule #15: Memento mori

We’re all going to die. We can use this uncomfortable truth to maximize our self-actualization and live the best life we can make for ourselves.


Semi predicts a 3-year growth streak in fab equipment spending

Global 300mm fab equipment spending for front-end facilities next year is expected to begin a growth streak to a 119-billion-dollar record high.


WSTS drops 2023 chip market forecast

The market researcher adjusted its prediction “in response to increasing inflation and weakening demand in end markets, particularly those relying on consumer spending.”


Software engineers will love our automotive embedded MRAM, says NXP

NXP is “nerdily excited” about introducing MRAM as a replacement for flash memory in the automotive domain.