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Machine learning adds another layer to your software security challenge

Although machine learning security research is still in its early stages, it’s clear that input possibilities without barriers increase threats. Software security expert Balázs Kiss touches upon a few points in this new field and gives advice on the basic protection measures.


The Netherlands loses leader status in EU innovation ranking
NXP holds off on European fab ambitions
Former ASML executive Frits van Hout to support Smart Photonics
Wind of €3M investment sends Kitepower soaring
Bavaria in fab talks with Intel
Dimenco’s simulated reality reels in €2.5M and Acer
Intel to decide about European fab before end of year
Nexperia invests $700M in manufacturing and R&D
IC Insights raises IC market forecast to 24 percent
SRON and TU Delft join forces for ESA’s Venus orbiter Envision

Nvidia-Arm deal will never happen

Arm being owned by Nvidia is like TSMC designing its own smartphone chips. It will never happen.

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Does data-driven decision-making make you boring?

Working in a data-driven fashion actually instills a higher level of discipline in the organization, uses technology where it fits best and focuses creative energy on the areas where humans provide the most value.

Dutch collaborators bring high-performance motion systems to a whole new stage

In the field of chip-making equipment development, the Netherlands is planted firmly on the cutting edge. To stay ahead of the ever-evolving demands and consumer expectations, key players in Dutch high tech are teaming up as part of the Imsys-3D public-private partnership to create next-generation high-performance motion systems.