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Hyper-NA after high-NA? ASML CTO Van den Brink isn’t convinced

After decades of innovation in lithography, high-NA EUV might prove to be the end of the line, thinks ASML CTO Martin van den Brink.

Downsized nuclear power reactors vie for share in energy mix

The nuclear menu has expanded with small, modular nuclear power reactors. What do they have to offer?

US closes the net around Chinese semiconductor industry

The US has almost completely cut off China from key resources to manufacture advanced semiconductors. The Middle Kingdom has no choice but to focus on mature nodes.

In other news

Treating depression with ultrasound (TU Delft)
Hydrogen train travels 1,175 kilometers on single filling (Railtech)
Google deal with NIST to boost open-source chips (The New Stack)
China to own 45% of installed battery capacity globally by 2030 (Electronics 360)

Post-Covid work

We overcome Covid and then everything will go back to how it was before. That was largely the expectation during the pandemic. Today, we know better. Regardless of how long or how severely the virus will continue to haunt us, it will never be the same again.

Boost your digitalization: DevOps

DevOps is a keystone technology that drives many changes in the company as well as in the business ecosystem. Its adoption is often complicated by certification needs and existing work practices in the business ecosystem, which requires a multi-pronged change management approach to realize it.