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Dutch spatial ALD companies keep getting in each other’s way

It’s become a bit of a Dutch specialty: spatial atomic layer deposition. For some reason, however, it seems impossible to efficiently concentrate resources and capital in a single company. After Levitech and Solaytec competed in the PV market for years, now it looks like SALD and SALDtech will battle it out in the green tech arena.

TNO spinoff SALDtech forced to make course adjustments

Now that display manufacturers’ appetite for new deposition technology has faded for the moment, startup SALDtech is forced to explore other markets.

Strypes takes an eclectic approach to remote machine management

Strypes is taking the concept of remote diagnostics one step further. Adding remote monitoring and proactive software management to its remote machine handling platform, the industrial automation specialist offers additional opportunities to reduce cost and travel time – the latter being particularly important in the Covid era.

Fertilizing the grounds for system architecting

In a nine-month program, TNO’s ESI aims to raise the system architecting bar for individuals as well as the organizations they work for. The training brings together big companies and SMEs, from high tech and civil engineering.

In other news

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Is it ethical to make money out of public healthcare innovations?

Many innovations not only improve healthcare, but they also increase already exploding healthcare costs. We should carefully think about which innovations we should focus on.

Platform lesson #2: Avoid the platform/product dichotomy

The dichotomy between product and platform causes all kinds of challenges that can be remediated by adopting a superset platform of the entire product portfolio.