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The art of architecting meets software sculpting

In a virtual roundtable, Canon Production Printing, NXP, Philips, Thales, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Vanderlande discuss how the increasing system complexity has impacted the role of the system engineer. Their consensus: software has shuffled the cards.

Twente’s high-tech ecosystem looking for a boost in manufacturing capacity

Hoping to boost the high-tech allure of the region, a public consortium is spearheading efforts to realize a commercial microsystems foundry in Twente.

Trend 3: Traceability

High Tech Institute trainer Cees Michielsen highlights a handful of trends in the field of system requirements engineering.

A bright future for silicon nitride integrated photonics

No technology platform can do it all in integrated photonics. In part I of a four-part series, we take a closer look at a base material that stands out for its low light losses and broad spectral coverage: silicon nitride.

In other news

ASML offers technology lessons to children in Brainport (press release)
TSMC says it will have advanced ASML chipmaking tool in 2024 (Reuters)
Imec puts complementary FET on the logic technology roadmap (press release)
Intel wants refund over EU’s overturned AMD fine (Tom’s Hardware)
Can a Seattle startup launch a fusion reactor into space? (IEEE Spectrum)

University students have a right to their IP

Filling out the TU Eindhoven enrollment form with his son, Erik Jan Marinissen discovered students were supposed to waive their intellectual property rights. Fortunately, that policy has been canceled.

Boost your digitalization: cross-functional teams

Once you digitalize as a company, the work that isn’t automated and remains in the hands of humans is work that’s not repetitive but rather creative. And of course, it needs to integrate into whatever already exists, requiring a holistic view. This is where cross-functional teams shine.