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ASML’s medical-isotope brainchild doesn’t make it to the finish line

Efforts to industrialize ASML’s serendipitous discovery to bypass nuclear reactors in medical-isotope production – a project deemed a Dutch National Icon – have been shelved.


Why ASML isn’t worried about Applied’s pattern-shaping tool

Anything that keeps Moore’s Law chugging along is to ASML’s benefit as well.


Social-distancing-proof heart rate measurements become practical

Using a purpose-built ultrasensitive photodiode, researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology and Holst Centre can measure heart and respiration at distances up to 130 centimeters.


East Netherlands and Brabant join semiconductor alliance of EU regions

Thirteen European regions, including East Netherlands and North Brabant, are joining forces to improve the growth and competitiveness of the European chip industry.


Intel demands additional €5B for German fab

Intel is petitioning the German government to top up the previously agreed upon 6.8 billion euros in subsidies with another 5 billion euros.


Samsung pledges $230B investment in semiconductor hub

The electronics giant plans to build five new fabs and attract another 150 companies and R&D organizations to rival TSMC as the world’s biggest chip manufacturing ecosystem.

In other news

Chinese regulator accuses chip tycoon of corruption (BBC)
EU to form €20B critical materials club (EE News)
Scientists use metamaterial to accomplish photonic time reflections (IEEE Spectrum)
Chinese firm invents lockdown-inspired kissing machine for remote lovers (Reuters)


Ask the headhunter

Having fled from Ukraine to the Netherlands, I was surprised to see a job offer come with a ban on freelance work without permission and an exceptionally long notice period of two months. Are these clauses common here?


Protagonist rule #2: Have a purpose

Failing to choose a purpose may easily cause you to waste your life. You need to own it and put your time and energy into it.


Eric Meurice chairs Nearfield supervisory board

The network of the former ASML CEO will be valuable in rolling out the semiconductor process control technology developed by the Rotterdam-based TNO spinoff.


Effect Photonics attracts $40M to go to the market

Eindhoven-based integrated-photonics company Effect Photonics has secured 40 million euros in additional funding.


Co-founder Hans Verhagen leaves Prodrive

Co-founder Hans Verhagen is leaving Prodrive. He’s stepping down from the supervisory board and selling all his shares.


Goodbye manual test cases, hello model-based testing

After many success stories in other markets, model-based testing is starting to gain momentum in high tech. Julien Schmaltz from CGI, Johan Poelsma from ICT and Bryan Bakker from Sioux are committed to strengthening the foothold.