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Ambitious Axelera aiming to bring edge AI to the masses

Eindhoven-based stealth startup Axelera AI stepped into the spotlight with a €10M seed investment. Leveraging expertise from IBM, Imec, Intel and Qualcomm, the amibitious young company wants to lower the AI threshold for European SMEs by supplying a cost-effective range of plug-and-play products based on its own chip.

Agile: the emperor’s new clothes?

According to Robert Howe, Agile tilts the balance too far towards the needs and risk-averse nature of engineers. In the run-up to the Software-Centric Systems Conference, going live on 6 October, Howe is poking the bear with a couple of counter-hype views on software (engineering) technology.


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Semiconductor boom might turn to glut in 2023, says IDC

The good old FET still has more to give

The field-effect transistor has undergone radical changes over the years, but the same basic principle is still powering our chips. That won’t change in the foreseeable future.

The inner dashboard

Angelo Hulshout has the ambition to bring the benefits of production agility to the market and set up a new business around that. An important first step to sway potential customers is triggering their inner dashboard and getting them to rethink their way of working.

Intel is getting a little bit too eager in its courtship with Europe

Intel can romance European authorities to fund its fabs until it sees blue, but what it needs most is to dispel the suspicion that its advances are more about money than about love.

In other news

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Top jobs

Bits&Chips podcasts: Bram Nauta (part 1)

René Raaijmakers talks to the innovators driving the high-tech industry. Listen (in Dutch) to researchers, developers and decision-makers speak about trends, technology, business and their motivations. In this week’s edition of the Bits&Chips podcast, IC design professor Bram Nauta on the research he’s doing for industry.

Ask the headhunter

We’re in advanced talks with a candidate whom several team members have known for quite some time. Asking for references feels like we don’t dare to rely on our own judgment. How do we go from here?

10 intra/entrepreneur lessons I learned the hard way

Starting new ventures is hard. To increase the likelihood of success, it’s helpful to start with the right mindset and set of beliefs. As the saying goes, a smart person learns from his or her own mistakes, a wise person learns from other people’s mistakes.