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Repurposed Oudenaarde fab to become GaN epicenter

Leveraging gallium nitride research from Imec and decades of experience in power semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, Onsemi carve-out Belgan in Oudenaarde is looking to become the beating heart of Europe’s “GaN valley.”

Forget AI, start with data science

Are artificial intelligence and machine learning hypes? Consultants and specialists promise you the world, but in the day-to-day life on the factory floor, those predictions rarely pan out. Omron’s Tim Foreman has experienced hands-on where things go wrong and now knows how to do it right.

First Liteq deliveries in increasingly competitive back-end litho market

Kulicke & Soffa has shipped its first Liteq systems for back-end lithography. One to an Asian customer, the other one was delivered to I3 Microsystems, a US-based high-performance microsystem supplier.

The EU’s Chips Act is a huge disappointment

For two years we’ve been hearing about how the EU is going to be a major player in the semiconductor industry again, only to find out that the financial backing of the plans falls woefully short.

In other news

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Eurocell to build battery ‘gigafactory’ in Europe (Electrive)
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Virgin Hyperloop to focus on cargo, not people (BBC)

Good managers don’t always answer questions straight away

Waiting to get more context before answering a question is harder than it seems, finds Hans Odenthal.

Platform lesson #9: Be careful to open up to third parties

Although many platforms benefit from opening up, it’s important to be careful and strategic. Grow your customer base to a sufficient size first before experimenting with different approaches to opening up and only then hitting the accelerator.