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Nexperia: “We’re an asset, not a threat”

Nexperia has been caught in the crosshairs lately due to growing Western concerns about China. Wrongfully so, says the chipmaker.


Twente foundry backed by €140M public funding

Twente has secured 140 million euros in subsidies to support its photonics and electronics cluster. The money comes from Quantum Delta NL, Photondelta and Nxtgen Hightech.


Swedes debut the ‘wooden’ transistor

Hey, why shouldn’t transistors be made from renewable materials?!


Axelera AI launches US expansion with $50M war chest

Eindhoven-based Axelera AI has attracted additional investors in its oversubscribed Series A round. The funding will support its global expansion and mass production of its first-generation AI acceleration platform.


NWO support takes pulsed laser deposition to next level

The Dutch Research Council has awarded 4.7 million euros to a consortium led by Differ for setting up a PLD lab aimed at energy materials research.


Samsung intent on taking TSMC’s throne in 2025

Samsung says it will obtain technological leadership in the foundry space in 2025, when the 2nm node is introduced.


EC approves state aid for French FD-SOI fab

STMicroelectronics and Globalfoundries have gained the European Commission’s approval to build a 7.4-billion-euro FD-SOI fab with state aid from France.

In other news

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It all starts with humble components

Celebrating his 25th anniversary as a professor of analog circuit design, Bram Nauta reminisces about how his love for electronics started.


Protagonist rule #10: Study Stoicism and Buddhism

These life philosophies provide helpful practices to reduce suffering and maximize our self-actualization.

Protagonist rule #11: Give back

It’s not only good for those you help forward, but also incredibly rewarding to see others grow and develop, in part thanks to your help.


TSMC’s plans for N2 include backside power delivery

TSMC has unveiled new details about its 2nm IC family, of which the first member is scheduled to enter production in 2025.


Controversial ASML ‘rival’ weighing IPO

Dongfang Jingyuan Electron is considering an IPO, insiders told Bloomberg. The company is linked to the now defunct US company XTAL, which has been ordered to pay damages for stealing IP from ASML Brion.


European businesses skittish about R&D investment in China

European companies have grown more hesitant about their R&D investments in China, according to a survey published by the EU Chamber of Commerce in China.


Advancing animal health through AI

Developed by Royal GD in collaboration with Alten, the Ethometer camera system employs advanced AI techniques to provide valuable insights for improving animal welfare and promoting natural behavior among chickens.