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Edge computing propels NXP’s revenue to $15B in 2024

At NXP’s Investor Day, CEO Kurt Sievers explained why his company is particularly well-positioned to capitalize on the next semiconductor megatrend. “We’ve been building towards this for many years.”

NLR and ISISpace launch mission to keep cubesats cool

As the technical demands for cubesats increase, power densities and subsequent temperatures are also on the rise. NLR and ISISpace have joined forces to keep the satellites, and their system engineers, cool.

How AI and automation affect our society is up to us

The robots aren’t stealing our jobs yet, but when they do, it’s because we let them.

Product ownership – beyond saying no

The power to say no seems to be an indication of product owner maturity. But that’s not the end of the story.

Selling Brainport on model-based testing

With Thermo Fisher Scientific as the first Brainport client, Axini is pushing hard to make a name in high tech. Coming up to the year of their company’s fifteenth anniversary, Machiel van der Bijl and Menno Jonkers share their vision of achieving fault-free software through model-based testing.

In other news

Texas to host Samsung’s new $17B chip plant (Reuters)
AMD could be Samsung’s first 3nm customer (Techradar)
Fairchild co-founder, builder of 1st commercial IC, dies (EE Times)
Space partnership in disarray after member states slash budget (Science|Business)
NASA launches Dart mission to crash into an asteroid (CNET)

Reaching for the stars without stellar development costs

Every piece of software still in use is going to expand tremendously, that’s a given. What can be done to contain the associated cost increases?

Entrepreneur lesson #9: Two-sided markets are uphill battles until you win

The best strategy for creating a platform business is to first build a viable business with one stakeholder group and only after you’ve established some modicum of success, open up to other groups to platformize.