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Scaling up to dozens of systems a year, Nearfield eyes IPO

Nearfield Instruments is determined to build the supply chain that enables the scale-up to ship a total of 50-60 metrology systems in a few years’ time. As if this wasn’t enough, founder and CEO Hamed Sadeghian also wants his company to go public in the near future.

Here’s one mistake NXP won’t make again

NXP failed to anticipate how strongly demand for its automotive chips would grow, but it won’t make that mistake again.

SALD set to expand horizon of atomic layer deposition

With its first tool sales in the books, Eindhoven-based ‘startup with experience’ SALD is ready to introduce atomic layer deposition into a wide range of new markets.

Can software quality be assured?

There are two commonly held views on quality assurance: it’s the definition and execution of and compliance with processes defining how to do your work and it’s about sufficient testing to reveal defects and resolve them. Ger Cloudt takes a closer look at both views in the context of software quality.

Why Philips-founded equipment outfit ITEC is going at it alone

After 30 years under the wings of Philips, NXP and finally Nexperia, back-end semiconductor equipment manufacturer ITEC has been detached from the parent company. What prompted this move?

In other news

Celonis appoints ‘godfather of process mining’ Wil van der Aalst as chief scientist (press release)
Imec spin-off wants to turn every phone into a spectrometer (EE Times)
Musk says a Tesla Bot prototype is coming in 2022. Really? (CNET)
Nvidia’s $40B deal for Arm dealt blow by UK regulator (Reuters)
Virgin Hyperloop unveils new hype video on pod concept (BBC)

Bits&Chips podcasts: Hamed Sadeghian (part 1)

René Raaijmakers talks to the innovators driving the high-tech industry. Listen (in Dutch) to researchers, developers and decision-makers speak about trends, technology, business and their motivations. In this week’s edition of the Bits&Chips podcast, Nearfield founder and CEO Hamed Sadeghian details the road to the current success and his ambitions for the future.

The truth about 5G and corona

The conspiracy theories are true: the corona pandemic was engineered to inject the world’s population with 5G chips. One brave scientist who helped develop the technology steps forward.

Outdated belief #7: Post-deployment is relevant only for (serious) quality issues

Post-deployment, continuous updates of software in products in the field are becoming the new normal in many industries and where they haven’t yet adopted this, the trends are clearly pointing in that direction. This is a good thing both for producers and for users.