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ASML operation to build controlled overcapacity in full swing

ASML shrugs off the chip dip as it moves toward a just-in-case manufacturing capacity philosophy.


Lightyear sacrifices its flagship to keep its dream alive

While the Lightyear 0 has been declared bankrupt, the Helmond-based solar car trailblazer wants to go all-in on its low-end model 2.


Quix appoints new CTO as co-founder becomes chief scientist

Co-founder Jelmer Renema is stepping aside as CTO of Quix Quantum. His successor is Devin Smith, who previously served as senior quantum engineer at the Enschede-based developer of light-based quantum processors.


Henk van Houten ends career at Philips Research

Henk van Houten has announced his resignation as CTO and head of research at Philips. He intends to offer his advisory services to the Dutch high-tech ecosystem at large.


Dutch defense ministry in favor of EUV export ban

The Dutch Ministry of Defense supported the export ban of ASML’s EUV equipment to China. Defense analysts fear that EUV will enable China to develop advanced military systems and sell them to NATO’s adversaries.


Global semiconductor revenue passes $600B

Worldwide semiconductor revenue increased by 1.1 percent in 2022 to a total of 602 billion dollars, up from 595 billion dollars in 2021.

In other news

Imec-UAntwerp spinoff develops animal behavior monitoring tool (press release)
Rheinmetall invests in next-gen server cooling from Eindhoven (press release)
Wolfspeed plans multi-billion dollar chip factory in Germany (Reuters)
NWO funds ten years of AI research with 25 million euros (press release)


International engineering students still welcome in the Netherlands

That could have been the headline in the newspaper. But it wasn’t, and that sent the wrong message to the world, says Martijn Heck.


PD fallacy #5: software development is a factory cranking out features

We need to focus on iteratively building new features to measure their impact and spend much more time optimizing existing features that are heavily used.


Challenging C++

In a series of articles, computer programming enthusiast and High Tech Institute trainer Kris van Rens puts C++ in a modern perspective.