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Philips in crisis: this time it’s different

The new CEO needs to tread lightly as he tries to “secure the future of Philips.” There are no more fallback options.

IoT: we need to get a grip on things

The internet of things is expanding fast, bringing new opportunities but new risks too. As an industry, we aren’t doing enough to address the dangers this brave new world presents, argues Technolution’s Dave Marples.

Semiconductor testing grapples with cost and complexity

Supply chain collaboration, all-electrical testing and introduction of IP licensing into the semiconductor testing arena. These strategies to manage complexity and drive down costs will be hot topics during Salland Engineering’s upcoming Future of Test symposium in Zwolle.

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Why the Dutch innovation machine stalls too easily

Innovation is like making a sand pile: keep adding sand until you get an avalanche. The Dutch culture is good at making avalanches, writes Carel van der Poel, but not so much at making the most of them.

Boost your digitalization: modularize processes

Process automation may result in an unwieldy, impossible-to-change IT landscape. To avoid this, companies need to embrace at least two principles: modularization and continuous investment.