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Wennink’s warning

ASML CEO Peter Wennink worries about Dutch industries not keeping up with the world. Underneath his words of warning lurk tough political choices.


ASML’s high-NA scanners no longer part of Intel’s 18A production plans

Intel has no choice but to stick to 0.33-NA tools, but it will be using the 18A node to validate high-NA technology.


US finds no evidence that China can manufacture 7nm at scale

The Commerce Department has been investigating the SMIC-manufactured 7nm processor powering the smartphone launched by Huawei recently.


(Bio)medical electromagnetics – from Hz to GHz

The distinct features and non-invasive nature of electromagnetic waves at different frequencies place them at the core of many medical applications. TUE’s Maarten Paulides gives an overview of the field.


Tim Tiek bows out of Chiptech Twente

Tiek is stepping down as general manager to make way for a full-timer to lead Chiptech Twente as it’s entering a new phase.

In other news

Inside Apple’s spectacular failure to build a modem chip (Wall Street Journal)
The European Hyperloop Center marks its kickoff in Veendam (InnoEnergy)
The world’s most powerful X-ray laser lights up (IEEE Spectrum)
Amazon takes on Microsoft as it invests billions in Anthropic (BBC)

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The need for software systems engineering

As we move to a world of cyber-physical systems and systems-of-systems, software is no longer merely a separable component of the system, argues Robert Howe.


There’s no such thing as “the ecosystem”

Every company operates in many overlapping, interconnected ecosystems. Aim to understand the true complexity.


Analyst announces the end of the semiconductor downturn

The semiconductor market has bottomed out a quarter earlier than expected, says CEO Malcolm Penn of Future Horizons.


Semi expects fab equipment spending recovery after 2023 slowdown

“The 2023 decline in equipment investment is proving shallower and the 2024 rebound stronger than expected earlier this year.”


Electron optics rebels come up with new dwarf microscope

After about three years of operating under the radar, startup Phe-nx presents its first tabletop microscope, called Nanos.