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Battery pioneer and oldest Nobel laureate ever John Goodenough dies

The tireless researcher with an uncanny nose for cathode materials paved the way for a revolution in electronics portability.


Report: new Dutch export regulations to be rolled out soon

The Dutch government is close to announcing new export controls on semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


Stacked CMOS marks the end of the roadmap (for now)

Having been ‘horizontal’ neighbors since the advent of CMOS, nFETs and pFETs will eventually be stacked on top of each other.


Brainport display expertise and Japanese chemistry combine in innovative touchless interface

Using an electrode from Asahi Kasei, Holst Centre developed a NIR-sensitive transparent image sensor that can be integrated to equip displays with a penlight or gesture-controlled UI.


Doing business in China is getting harder, European companies say

A survey by the EU Chamber of Commerce in China and Roland Berger reveals the current top business challenge to be the economic slowdown.


Dutch companies more cautious about R&D in BRIC countries

Dutch companies are less inclined to expand their R&D activities in emerging markets, a VNO-NCW survey among R&D directors of the country’s 25 largest R&D-intensive companies shows.

In other news

ASML may follow US export rules when hiring (Reuters)
TSMC expected to charge $25k per 2nm wafer (Tom’s Hardware)
Rapidus CEO chasing single-wafer-processing dream (EE Times)
MIT discovery suggests a new class of superconductors (The Register)

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China is on the rise, get used to it

Whatever the future may look like, China will play a key role in it. The West needs to accept that, argues Aad Vredenbregt.


Be the protagonist of your life: conclusion

Do we just continue on cruise control or do we live in line with what we believe to be our purpose?


User story estimation

In his book, “The waves of Agile,” Derk-Jan de Grood gives practical tips to create a learning organization that delivers quality solutions with business value. In a series of blogs, he shares some of his practical experiences.


Germany tops up Intel’s chip plant subsidy

The German government and Intel have reached an agreement on the amount of subsidies needed to go ahead with the construction of a leading-edge fab in Magdeburg.


Prodrive launches Peblar brand of highly integrated chargers made in Son

Building on the mothership’s expertise and facilities, Peblar enters the European EV charging landscape with an automotive-grade solution that combines all components on a single PCB.