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The end of the road(map)

ASML CTO Martin van den Brink dropped a bombshell recently: the transistor could stop shrinking in ten years or so. The implications are far more serious for ASML itself than for semiconductor technology.

Taiwanese equipment builder integrates Polish additive technology for microcontact lines

The challenge in additive manufacturing for modern microelectronics is printing ultra-thin and highly conductive interconnects. The Polish company XTPL has developed an ultra-precise deposition technology that tackles this.

Hyper-NA after high-NA? ASML CTO Van den Brink isn’t convinced

After decades of innovation in lithography, high-NA EUV might prove to be the end of the line, thinks ASML CTO Martin van den Brink.

In other news

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Posits, a new kind of number, improves the math of AI (IEEE Spectrum)

Ask the headhunter

After accepting a job offer from the Canadian office of a leading semiconductor company, I gave notice to my current employer and set in motion the visa procedure with the Canadian authorities. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear when my electronic travel authorization will be granted. Meanwhile, I have no income, but I do have expenses.

Boost your digitalization: A/B testing

Companies in a digital transformation need to become very precise and quantitative in terms of what they aim to optimize for and then validate any potential improvement using experimental techniques such as A/B testing.