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Thermo Fisher Scientific develops an appetite for modeling

About three years ago, Thermo Fisher Scientific in Eindhoven embarked on a journey to take model-based development to a higher level. After pilots with research partners, software and system architects are now making successful steps with commercial tools from companies like Axini and Obeo.

Demcon’s cooling system withstands the heat of a thousand suns

Thanks to a Demcon-designed cooling system, a major potential obstacle to producing medical isotopes outside nuclear reactors has been removed.

Two wins for nuclear fusion power

An experiment at a European testbed suggests that the Iter nuclear fusion reactor has a good chance of succeeding. Meanwhile, US scientists breathed new life into an entirely different approach to the almost perfect power source.

Repurposed Oudenaarde fab to become GaN epicenter

Leveraging gallium nitride research from Imec and decades of experience in power semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, Onsemi carve-out Belgan in Oudenaarde is looking to become the beating heart of Europe’s “GaN valley.”

In other news

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An old Swedish paper mill to become a new gigafactory (Evertiq)
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Ask the headhunter

We’re looking to expand our successful R&D department in the German countryside. There are interesting candidates who want to work in a hybrid way, but we’re experiencing little support from our Chinese owners. How to get out of this deadlock?

Platform lesson #10: One ecosystem platform stakeholder at a time

First, build up a customer base of sufficient proportions based purely on the platform functionality and only then, open up to building up a second stakeholder category of third-party complementers.