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Daan Kersten parts with Photonfirst to polish fast-growing gems

Confronted with global economic headwinds, Photonfirst is forced to shore up ambitions to go public in 2025, prompting CEO Daan Kersten to step aside and start his own company.

US still in hot pursuit of ASML’s DUV shipments to China

If bilateral approaches fail, blunt-force measures may follow.

Ground-breaking innovations in ground-penetrating radar

At Mapxact, an in-house R&D team, together with software engineers from Alten, is building a tool that enables advanced geophysics processing with real-time AI assistance.

Philips in crisis: this time it’s different

The new CEO needs to tread lightly as he tries to “secure the future of Philips.” There are no more fallback options.

In other news

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The platform dilemma

Venture capital prefers focused products over platforms that ultimately generate much more value, notes Maarten Buijs.

Boost your digitalization: process orchestration

Failing to get the process modularization and orchestration right may easily cause significant debt that will be expensive to resolve.