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Let integrated photonics and microtechnologies ride their S-curves together

Extending the scope of the Dutch integrated-photonics foundry with microtechnologies benefits both domains, argues Paul van Gerven.

Using low-code to create control software for a system you’ve never seen

Philips Engineering Solutions builds product test equipment for customers all over the world. The control software is created, verified and deployed remotely using the model-based low-code approach supported by the Cordis Suite development platform.

Dutch-grown on-chip laser ready to shine

Combining the light-generating power of indium phosphide (InP) as a gain medium and the ultra-low light losses of silicon nitride (SiN) as an optical cavity, Dutch startup Chilas has launched an on-chip laser that uniquely combines tunability with a narrow spectral output.

The art of architecting meets software sculpting

In a virtual roundtable, Canon Production Printing, NXP, Philips, Thales, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Vanderlande discuss how the increasing system complexity has impacted the role of the system engineer. Their consensus: software has shuffled the cards.

In other news

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Tackling ICT innovation challenges with … students?

A new initiative that has students helping SMEs figure out their digitalization needs is just what the doctor ordered, writes Wim Bens.

Boost your digitalization: new skills

New skills bring with them a fundamentally different culture and lens on reality. It takes time to absorb them and their implications. So, you better start early to make sure you’re playing offense, rather than defense with the fear of being disrupted.