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Gordon Moore (1929-2023) saw the future – but did he also create it?

Did Gordon Moore, may he rest in peace, set the exponential cost improvement of integrated circuits in motion or was it inevitable anyway?


ASML teams up with Nvidia for computational litho

ASML has been working with Nvidia to add support for GPUs in its computational-lithography software, the companies announced following the launch of Nvidia’s new Culitho library.


Taste of Philips gives appetite for more

After graduating from TUE’s EngD Software Technology program on a project at Philips, Priyanka Patel went right back to the healthcare multinational to start her professional career.


Delmic raises €4M to make electron microscopy accessible

Delmic has attracted 4 million euros from Value Creation Capital and the EIC to accelerate the development and international sales of its light and electron microscopy products.


TSMC founder Morris Chang backs US chip sanctions on China

For the first time, Morris Chang has openly voiced support for US efforts to curtail China’s access to the most advanced semiconductor technology.


TSMC and Germany reported to close in on fab deal

TSMC has selected the Dresden chip cluster to build a specialty fab, a Chinese-language media outlet reported based on sources from the foundry’s supply chain.

In other news

Avular to move to the former Philips glass laboratory (press release)
US prepares to establish its $11B National Semiconductor Technology Center (EE Times)
GaN and SiC fight for green tech domination (IEEE Spectrum)
AR’s next superpower could be ‘X-ray vision’ (CNET)



Chicken or egg

Semiconductor history teaches us that experimental results can precede theory. We should keep that in mind as we develop next-generation devices.


Protagonist rule #3: Compete intentionally

Focus on competing in areas that are driven by your intrinsic motivators and, where possible, focus on competing with yourself.


Graphene-based antibiotic resistance screening test attracts investment

Using graphene to detect tiny changes in bacterial movement when exposed to different antibiotics, a pair of Delft-based companies found funding to develop a commercial antibiotics resistance screening tool.


Industrial action imminent at Ampleon in Nijmegen

At Ampleon in Nijmegen, actions and possibly even strikes are in preparation to enforce a better collective labor agreement.


Chinese car industry gets marching orders: switch to domestic chips

Beijing is pushing the Chinese car industry to source semiconductors domestically, according to a Nikkei report.


ASML’s medical-isotope brainchild doesn’t make it to the finish line

Efforts to industrialize ASML’s serendipitous discovery to bypass nuclear reactors in medical-isotope production – a project deemed a Dutch National Icon – have been shelved.