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“The Netherlands needs to conquer more key positions in value chains”

To maintain the Dutch high-tech and manufacturing industry’s earning power and to be resilient in rough geopolitical seas, the Netherlands needs more companies that the rest of the world can’t ignore, argues TNO executive Arnaud de Jong.


Siemens amps up e-mobility portfolio with Heliox fast chargers

Siemens has signed an agreement to acquire Heliox, the Veldhoven-based specialist in fast charging.


NXP, Qualcomm and others join forces to take on ARM with RISC-V

Four European chipmakers and one from the US are starting a company to accelerate adoption of the open-standard RISC-V architecture.


European photonics startups get €60M boost from Photonventures fund

The Photondelta spinoff’s initial plan is to invest in 15 European integrated-photonics companies that have the potential to grow into international winners in their sectors.


Imec’s thin-film pinned photodiode boosts IR-sensing

Imec has successfully integrated a pinned photodiode structure in thin-film image sensors with comparable noise performance to a standard silicon pinned photodiode pixel.


Chinese tech company acquires former Philips speaker division

China’s AAC Technologies has acquired a majority stake in Premium Sound Solutions, the Dendermonde-based former Philips Sound Solutions division.


EngD trainees help Philips on the way to greener transport

Philips is enlisting the help of the EngD Software Technology program in creating dashboards to monitor the emissions of freight transport by air, land and water. The generated insights are being used on all organization levels, up to and including the executive committee.

In other news

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The real Dutch disease: the innovation paradox

The National Growth Fund is getting in its own way by burdening companies with complicated procedures to apply for an underwhelming amount of funding.


There’s no such thing as “the process”

The notion of “the process” is highly elusive and can easily be abused as an excuse to avoid or delay change. This significantly increases the likelihood of disruption of the offering, company or ecosystem.


Dutch 3.5 GHz band to open up for 5G per February 2024

As the license of British satellite company Inmarsat to operate reception dishes in the province of Friesland expires, the spectrum opens up for telecom firms to expand their 5G services.


Arm goes public once again

Arm has filed for an IPO at the Nasdaq. Softbank will retain a majority stake.


Hopes of a room-temperature superconductor have faded

Consensus among scientists is rapidly growing that social-media hit LK-99 isn’t a superconductor at room temperature and ambient pressure.


Taking performance analysis to the system level

Within the Maestro project, ASML and TNO-ESI are working on a model-based methodology to diagnose and predict system performance. Building on a tool developed in an earlier collaboration, they’re looking to reactively identify and analyze productivity issues in the field as they’re gradually moving on to proactively tackling potential problems.