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Europe’s glorious semiconductor past doesn’t exist

For a while now, we’ve been reading that Europe used to be a semiconductor powerhouse, sporting a manufacturing market share of 40+ percent in the 1990s. Where does that figure come from, and is it correct?

Kulicke & Soffa takes it step by step in back-end litho

K&S wants to conquer the back-end lithography market step by step, in close collaboration with customers. That’s the way things work best in advanced packaging, argues TL Cheam, the VP in charge of strategy at the Singapore company.

On the dashboard of my factory

Angelo Hulshout has the ambition to bring the benefits of production agility to the market and set up a new business around that. Always have a good look at what you want to learn and improve.

Smit Thermal Solutions goes low-code with Cordis Suite

Smit Thermal Solutions created the control software for its latest oven with a limited amount of manual coding. The software was then thoroughly tested before the hardware was available by running it on a digital twin of the machine.

In other news

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What Brainport can learn from Silicon Valley

More and more capital is finding its way to European and Dutch startups and scale-ups. That’s excellent news, says a Dutchman who has worked in Silicon Valley for 12 years, but it’s not enough.

Boost your digitalization: sales

Digitalization touches all functions in the company, but the business dimension is one of the most important ones. With the business model being reinvented, sales also needs to reinvent itself.