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From manufacturing data to continuous process improvement

Angelo Hulshout has taken up the challenge to bring the benefits of production agility to the market and set up a new business around that. Currently, he’s working out the plan and making the first realization steps.

Axign chips at the heart of Harman Kardon’s beat

Harman Kardon’s new Citation Amp boasts 200 watts of Class D amplification per channel, enabled by Axign’s digital feedback audio chip.

In other news

Using drones to beam 5G signals from the stratosphere (BBC)
AMD reaches highest CPU market share since 2007 (Tom’s Hardware)
Biodismantling electronic waste (Chemistry Views)

Back in school

Our freedom is currently severely impacted by precautionary measures imposed by our political leadership. Those measures are based on figures and numbers, which I, as an engineer, feel obligated to verify.