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Japan’s export restrictions threaten to marginalize Nikon in top litho segment

Export restrictions announced by Japan’s Trade Ministry do not bode well for Nikon’s immersion scanner business.


ASML mulls shared research facility on TUE campus

Based on an official announcement that hasn’t been released yet, Eindhovens Dagblad reports that the plans are concrete.


(Super)conducting research into a compact all-in-one antenna

The size of a milk carton, a quantum RF antenna has the potential of replacing a wide range of traditional, much larger antennas. At the joint lab of Thales and CNRS, near Paris, Juan Trastoy and his fellow researchers are putting their award-winning innovation on the path to maturity.


Sirius localizes on €12M in series B funding

Eindhoven-based Sirius Medical has secured 12 million euros to accelerate the worldwide growth of its Pintuition tumor localization solution and support further product development.


Nexperia expects disaster for Newport fab after a forced sale

“Newport would be left with only a single remaining client, and no immediate pathway to return to profitability,” legal filings say.


Twente laser chip fires white light

University of Twente researchers have found an extremely efficient way to generate white laser light inside a chip.


Enzyme conjures electricity out of thin air

Researchers from Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute in Melbourne have discovered an enzyme that can ‘burn’ hydrogen to generate electricity.

In other news

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Rocket-powered spaceplane takes flight (Dawn Aerospace)
Intel CEO sees ‘green shoots’ emerging (EE Times)
Retired Applied CEO Jim Morgan receives Imec’s Lifetime of Innovation Award (press release)



Export control: high tech meets geopolitics

Why should the national security of the US dictate export control regulations of the Low Countries, Erik Jan Marinissen and his famous co-author wonder. There are other factors to consider.


Protagonist rule #4: Question everything including yourself

We need to be intellectually honest with ourselves and periodically reevaluate our beliefs and assumptions.


Netherlands lands NATO Innovation Fund headquarters

The NIF will invest 1 billion euros in early-stage startups and other VC funds for the development of advanced technologies with military uses.


Fab equipment spending looking at 2024 recovery after slowdown in 2023

Global fab equipment spending for front-end facilities is expected to decrease 22 percent year-over-year. Next year will see a recovery, with spending rising 21 percent.


Gordon Moore (1929-2023) saw the future – but did he also create it?

Did Gordon Moore, may he rest in peace, set the exponential cost improvement of integrated circuits in motion or was it inevitable anyway?