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Escalating complexity thwarts industrialization of non-nuclear radioisotope production

Ballooning cooling requirements killed ASML’s concept to manufacture radioisotopes outside nuclear reactors. Not because the system doesn’t work, but because it was getting too expensive.


Dutch export limits announced, ASM affected as well

The Dutch government has finalized export restrictions for semiconductor manufacturing equipment used in the production of advanced ICs.


China restricts exports of gallium and germanium

Starting 1 August, Chinese suppliers of gallium and germanium, as well as compounds containing these elements, will be subject to licensing requirements.


EU’s scaling of battery manufacturing capacity in trouble, says auditor

Lack of access to raw materials and fierce global competition threaten to sink European efforts to become self-sufficient in battery technology, the European Court of Auditors fears.


Circular solar panels and batteries find Growth Fund investment

In a third funding round of the National Growth Fund, the Dutch government has approved proposals from four high-tech consortia.


EU mandates recycled content for batteries

The new rules include a mandate for battery makers to meet certain levels of recycled content for critical minerals found in batteries, such as cobalt, lithium and nickel.

In other news

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There’s no such thing as: 15 mental traps

We tend to use concepts that represent ideas, but we often mix the map with the underlying landscape and ignore the limits of our abstractions. 15 concepts that are often misused or taken too literally, to our detriment.


Electron optics in the Netherlands – deep tech at its best

Philips Electron Optics left a lasting impression on the Dutch high-tech ecosystem, observes Maarten Buijs.


Prodrive in search of new CEO

Prodrive plans to appoint a new CEO before the end of the year as the current top executive Pieter Janssen is shifting his focus to technology and markets.


IBM: the era of quantum utility is near

By mitigating errors that result from the inherently fragile nature of quantum systems, IBM scientists believe they’ve shown the way to making them do something that’s actually useful.


Battery pioneer and oldest Nobel laureate ever John Goodenough dies

The tireless researcher with an uncanny nose for cathode materials paved the way for a revolution in electronics portability.