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A chart of colors can do wonders in a decision-making moment

Dragos Dascalu of Dassault Systèmes is passionate about sustainability. He’s convinced that tooling is instrumental in making sustainability issues more transparent and in streamlining the decision-making process. Next week, he speaks at the Bits&Chips Sustainability Conference.

In quantum computing, size isn’t the only thing that matters

Canada’s Xanadu is the latest company to claim a quantum advantage. While delivering an impressive result, the demonstration doesn’t represent progress for every aspect of quantum computing, says one expert.

The practical prospects of quantum computing for enterprises

The practical and feasible applications of quantum computing are still scarce. This begs the question of what companies can do with this technology right now. At CGI, a proof of concept was developed to see how quantum computers could be integrated into existing enterprise software architectures.

The end of the road(map)

ASML CTO Martin van den Brink dropped a bombshell recently: the transistor could stop shrinking in ten years or so. The implications are far more serious for ASML itself than for semiconductor technology.

In other news

US Chips Act seen facilitating Micron’s $100B plan (EE Times)
The world’s largest camera is nearly complete (IEEE Spectrum)
Tesla ditches ultrasonic sensors as it bets on camera-only driver assistance (The Verge)
EU parliament approves common charging cable from 2024 (BBC)

China’s rise to power calls for more European ambition

Taking a cue from the current energy crisis, Europe must limit its geopolitical dependencies, argues Aad Vredenbregt.

Boost your digitalization: artificial intelligence

For all the hype around AI, many companies are slow in deploying ML/DL models in production. Still, it’s a general and transformational technology that offers many advantages if used well. We can’t afford to not invest in it even if there are risks and likely several failures along the way.