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High Tech Systems Center still alive and kicking

The High Tech Systems Center has been part of the Eindhoven AI institute EAISI for two years now. The mechatronics center sometimes seems to have been blown away by the AI storm, but the research themes surrounding high-tech systems go much further than just artificial intelligence. There are voices in favor of giving HTSC more of its own identity again.

“Industry needs to step up digitalization”

If the manufacturing industry’s more than healthy growth rate of late is to be maintained, digitalization efforts need to be stepped up, according to an analysis by ING.

Using low-code to create control software for a system you’ve never seen

Philips Engineering Solutions builds product test equipment for customers all over the world. The control software is created, verified and deployed remotely using the model-based low-code approach supported by the Cordis Suite development platform.

In other news

NWO announces new strategy 2023-2026 (press release)
Demcon starts incubator at High Tech Campus (press release)
Northvolt raises $1.1B for its factory rollout plans (Evertiq)
Experts call for focus on quantum computing in Chips Act (Euractiv)
NASA’s plan to return to the moon is kicking into high gear (CNET)

Ask the headhunter

Recently, I was approached by a semiconductor powerhouse I’d already been introduced to earlier by another agency. It’s my dream company, but it looks like they’re going behind the back of this agency. This makes me wary.

Boost your digitalization: leadership

Most so-called leaders are managers who are rewarded for changing as little as possible. And even those who really want to drive change face an uphill battle. Still, we need leadership in digitalization as it’s the only way to make organizations change.