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Why ASML thinks it may hit €50B revenue by 2030

A 5G-enabled explosion of applications at the edge and the drive for technological sovereignty could lift ASML’s revenue as high as 50 billion euros at the end of the decade.

K&S ships first equipment to transfer mini and micro LEDs at blinding speed

With the first shipment of its Luminex platform, building on former Assembleon systems, Kulicke & Soffa underlines its commitment to the equipment market for advanced displays. The company even expects that transfer speeds of 10,000 micro LEDs a second will be able to compete with lithography processes.

Integrated photonics will save Moore’s Law

Integrated photonics won’t replace or supplant chips but will soon become an essential technology to maintain the steady performance increases in computing we’ve come to take for granted, says Martijn Heck, scientific director of the recently launched Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute.


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ASML experiencing growing pains
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Kitepower’s first airborne wind energy system lifts off in Aruba
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Novel-T and Imec.istart team to accelerate Dutch tech startups
Midiagnostics to commercialize Imec’s Covid-19 breathalyzer test
Dutch want photonics, AI and quantum in European Chips Act
Axelera AI attracts CTO from IBM Zurich
Samsung increases EUV layers in DRAM to five

Nowi’s micro focus powers macro impact on sustainable electronics

Nowi has been keeping its name in the news in 2021. As its power management integrated chip starts to gain market traction, especially in the remote-control domain, what’s on deck for the Delft-based startup?

Shrinking lidar down to a chip offers big rewards

Still a rather clunky and expensive instrument, the automotive and many other markets eagerly await the availability of an affordable and compact lidar system. Integrated photonics is coming to the rescue.

In other news

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Biosensing pushes the envelope of system engineering

As biosensors gain traction, they’re driving the need for system engineers and architects who are knowledgeable in chemistry and biology in addition to physics and the well-known engineering disciplines.

Entrepreneur lesson #2: Build it and they’ll come is setting yourself up to fail

Startups need to carefully balance a solid belief and confidence in the core idea behind the company and incorporating feedback from the market. The best approach is to “make happy customers” rather than making customers happy.