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Blurring boundaries in chip manufacturing

The end of traditional scaling is in sight, but Moore’s law thunders on. Imec’s Eric Beyne highlights one part of the bag of tricks that will open in the coming years: backside power delivery.

A flying start in modern C++

Drawing from almost 25 years of experience, computer programming enthusiast Kris van Rens introduces coding rookies to the language basics and essential best practices for modern C++ in his new training at High Tech Institute.

Goudsmit Magnetics becomes multiphysical

At Goudsmit Magnetics, more and more different physical properties come into play. For their multiphysical modeling and calculations, the engineers now rely heavily on tooling from Comsol.

Quantum bullshit

The quantum hype is ready to sink into the trough of disillusionment, observes Paul van Gerven.

In other news

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10 product development fallacies

Product development in embedded-system companies is often subject to quite some fallacies and shadow beliefs. In a new series, Jan Bosch discusses ten persistent ones.

Happy 10th anniversary, Alexnet!

Ten years after Alexnet ushered in a computer vision revolution, Albert van Breemen marvels at the progress that has been made since.