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Silicon anode startup Leydenjar raises money for the home stretch

Aiming to revolutionize the battery industry, Leydenjar raised 22 million euros to perfect its silicon anode recipe as well as the equipment to manufacture these components in high volumes. The first tool shipments are expected in two years’ time.

Flexible processor runs Arm code

Thanks to British research, flexible processors have progressed to the point that they can perform useful calculations.

Nearfield has more guts than KLA in EUV metrology

Hamed Sadeghian is determined to take his company Nearfield Instruments public. When he broke the news to me during a recent interview, I could hardly believe it. Having just shipped his first machine and already targetting an IPO. It sounded quite ambitious to me, and also quite intensive for someone who already combines the positions of CEO and CTO.

Engineering to enhance customization, efficiency and the customer experience

How can you realize the benefits of immersed computing? It’s easier than you think. With its simple three-step certification process, Asperitas has the knowledge, passion and a vast network to help engineer a customized immersion cooling system to fit your specific needs.

“Power and RF should be priorities for European collaboration in chips”

The Chip Integration Technology Center started with lead customers Ampleon, Nexperia and NXP, and is now courting material suppliers for packaging applications. In the next phase, CITC aims to commit manufacturers of back-end assembly equipment.

In other news

Germany to invest billions to bring semiconductor production back to Europe (Euractiv)
SMIC to invest $8.87B for new chip plant in Shanghai (Reuters)
Motorola base station can wirelessly charge headsets (CNET)
5G takes to the stars (EE Times)
Apple’s car chief is heading to Ford (The Verge)

Bits&Chips podcasts: Anton van Rossum (part 0)

René Raaijmakers talks to the innovators driving the high-tech industry. Listen (in Dutch) to researchers, developers and decision-makers speak about trends, technology, business and their motivations. In this week’s edition of the Bits&Chips podcast, headhunter Anton van Rossum on his transition from practicing law to recruiting chip designers..

Beware of post-Covid isolation

The same accountants of this world who decided that we need to manufacture our products far away will now want to try and keep us from joining workshops, meeting colleagues and visiting customers.

Outdated belief #9: We can’t do DevOps because we need safety certification

Even in the most strict industries, we see many developments to prepare for DevOps. It’s of critical importance to get your company ready for this new reality.