Bannering newsletter
A banner links to your website. If booked over a longer period but not on a fixed position, the banner may be placed on a different position every week. Please note that not all e-mail programmes support motion banners. You are advised to put the most important information on the first banner image.
Specifications: GIF or JPEG file, max. 100 kB

Advertorial newsletter
With a short text, you can provide the reader with information.
Specifications: short title, max. 50 words text and visual (110×110 pixels) and URL.


Bannering website
A banner links to your website and rotates with up to 4 other advertisers. If booked over a longer period, the banner image can be changed at will.
Specifications: GIF or JPEG file, max. 150 kB.

Advertorial website
With an advertorial on the website, you can provide the reader with in-depth information.
You deliver a text (guideline: 600-1200 words) and images which are visible in a short streamer in all Bits&Chips articles. This streamer links to an advertorial page within the Bits&Chips website. The advertorial text may also be on your own website. In that case, the short text links from the advertorial block to your website.

Online article

  • An online article contains at least 600 words. The text should, always, meet the editorial guidelines, which you can request via
  • Images/pictures should be delivered as a separate .jpg or .gif file of max 100 KB to

Optimize your articles for SEO

  • Make sure your article offers value to the Bits&Chips readers
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • We advise you to add keywords to your online articles. For example, you can use Google Keyword planner or Ahrefs keywords explorer to help you come up with keyword ideas.

Sending in article 
An article will be coordinated with the editors and should be sent three weeks before publication to

Vacancies and calendar

Top job newsletter and website
A top job will be placed on and in the Bits&Chips newsletter.
Specifications: job title, organization, location and URL.

Calendar newsletter and website
Announce your training or event in the calendar and in the Bits&Chips newsletter.
Specifications: name, date and location event and URL.


Conditions: Techwatch is allowed to change the publication frequencies.