Techwatch Events

Techwatch Events is organizer of several high tech conferences. On this page you can find an overview of the most recent and upcoming events organized by Techwatch Events.

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Events 2019

Dutch Machine Learning Conference  – powered by Bits&Chips + Mechatronica&Machinebouw

The Dutch Machine Learning Conference brings together industrial and scientific specialists who are applying ML techniques in high tech domains, or are interested in doing so.

Date: 13 March 2019
Location: Verkadefabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch – NL

High-Tech Systems – powered by Mechatronica&Machinebouw

The annual conference with a focus on high-end system engineering and disruptive mechatronics. This years conference covers the following topics: Smart Manufacturing, Optomechatronics, and Advanced Thermal Design.


Date: 11 April 2019
Location: Van der Valk, Eindhoven – NL

Trends and Challenges in Reliability Seminar – powered by Bits&Chips + Mechatronica&Machinebouw

In two days, presentations about various aspects of reliability in system and product development will be presented and discussed.


Date: 9 & 10 May 2019
Location: Seats to Meet, Eindhoven – NL

Dutch System Architecting Conference –  powered by Bits&Chips + Mechatronica&Machinebouw

Experience is an important factor, but the system architect can also learn a lot from his peers. Exchanging lessons learned from successful and failed development cases is invaluable to sharpen his mind.


Date: 20 June 2019
Location: Verkadefabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch – NL

Software-Centric Systems Conference powered by Bits&Chips + Mechatronica&Machinebouw

The leading software engineering conference in Europe for sharing best practices in the crucial and strategic discipline of complex software development.


Date: 25 September 2019
Location: Eindhoven

Machine Vision Conference  – powered by Mechatronica&Machinebouw

De Machine Vision Conference richt zich op trends in machine vision-technologie.


Date: 30 October 2019
Location: Eindhoven

Digital twin conference

Digital Twin Conference  – powered by Bits&Chips + Mechatronica&Machinebouw

At the first Digital Twin Conference, you will hear the true story about digital twinning. Get inspired by many examples from a broad set of domains.


Date: 31 October 2019
Location: Eindhoven

Benelux RF Conference – powered by Bits&Chips

Annual conference on high-end RF development and RF applications


Date: 28 November 2019
Location: Nijmegen