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20181108 Technobis Pim Kat DSC_2775
10 June

Amazec recycles semiconductor technology to diagnose heart failure

Technology originally developed to measure vibrations in semiconductor manufacturing equipment can also be used to diagnose heart failure. It got Technobis founder Pim Kat so excited that he’s postponing retirement to bring it to the market.

Bram Bergen
10 June

Time management skills help “get more done with less stress”

Distractions and disruptions are the enemies of work efficiency. To push through and keep your daily tasks on track, time management skills are a necessity. Looking for tools and tips to enhance your workplace efficiency? High Tech Institute’s “Time management in innovation” training has you covered.

Jan Bosch foto serie 1000×56310

Outdated belief #1: Requirements are instrumental

Building software-intensive systems from scratch is far from trivial. One of the main reasons is that it’s hard to capture concisely and precisely what the system should look like in terms of functionality. Even if all stakeholders individually have a clear understanding of what they want, it doesn’t mean that the expectations are aligned. In many cases, there are conflicting needs and wishes that need to be managed.


Factory from the sky
9 June

Industry 5.0 – already?

Angelo Hulshout has the ambition to bring the benefits of production agility to the market and set up a new business around that. This business, Shinchoku, is working hard to get its shop window online and its message out there.


Raising the pillars of digital transformation

The electronics industry is fast approaching a new era of digital transformation. In this new paradigm, digital technologies create new business processes, cultures and customer experiences by bringing together all the aspects of product design, including mechanical and electrical, and streamlining the entire design process – from product inception all the way through to manufacturing.

News & Analysis

Xenomatix Xenolidar windshield 01
3 June

New investment beams Xenomatix lidars down the road toward mass production

Since hitting the market with its first-generation solid-state multibeam lidar technology in 2013, Belgium’s Xenomatix has transformed itself into an established tier-2 supplier in the automotive sector. Now, with some new investment and lofty goals, the lidar specialist is going to market with its next generation of lidar solutions as it ramps up for mass production.


20210113 Nexperia Theo ter Steeg RRA_8914
25 May

Nexperia turns to training as a tool to continue its legacy of innovation

Nexperia’s Industrial Technology and Engineering Center (ITEC) has a rich history in developing state-of-the-art products and industrial production solutions for the semiconductor domain. But when the group ran into the difficult task of balancing deliverables with its target costs during the development of its cutting-edge ADAT3-XF, senior mechanical designer Theo ter Steeg and the ITEC team turned to training to help streamline the design process and get a better overview from the start.


Lionix Surfix
3 June

Twenty years in the making, the photonic big bang is near

Over the past two decades, on more than one occasion the time seemed right for integrated-photonics technology to move beyond niche applications. Now finally, everything is lined up for that to happen, says Lionix International CEO Arne Leinse. It will require one more bold investment push, however.

20210402 TWNQL Rex Bierlaagh RRA_9015
5 May

Design thinking leads to a higher success rate in innovation

The high-tech industry is extremely innovative, but what if you want to innovate more effectively and even faster? Design thinking is an effective method for that, says Rex Bierlaagh, trainer at High Tech Institute. “Everyone can learn it. It changes the mindset of organizations.”

Peter Vermeulen 2021
12 April

“Sometimes we forget, soft skills can be the hardest skills of them all”

High-tech development relies heavily on diverse teams of multidisciplined experts, each with a specific role. But in today’s cutting edge, it’s not just the expertise that’s diverse. According to High Tech Institute trainer and autism expert Peter Vermeulen, neurodivergent brains are also playing an essential role, and if utilized correctly, can lead to great benefits.

Marcel Pelgrom
8 June

The shop assistant

We stopped teaching our children that not everything in life is fun – and that’s a big problem, argues a grumpy old engineer.

Jan Bosch foto serie 1000×56311
7 June

10 outdated beliefs about software

The world of software remains a fascinating place and I keep being amazed at how rapidly it continues to evolve and transform. We certainly have come a long from the early 1980s when I was a teenager programming BASIC on my ZX81. Especially for those of us who have been in the field for decades, it’s critical to continuously reinvent ourselves and our beliefs about the domain to make sure we don’t get stuck in the old ways.