Martin van den Brink 1
22 September

Hyper-NA after high-NA? ASML CTO Van den Brink isn’t convinced

After decades of innovation in lithography, high-NA EUV might prove to be the end of the line, thinks ASML CTO Martin van den Brink. ASML is in a state of high alert. Last year, the company raised its production targets twice: it wants to ship some 600 DUV and 90 EUV scanners by 2025, up […]

19 September

In quantum computing, size isn’t the only thing that matters

Canada’s Xanadu is the latest company to claim a quantum advantage. While delivering an impressive result, the demonstration doesn’t represent progress for every aspect of quantum computing, says one expert. Currently, a popular way to demonstrate a computational advantage in optical quantum computing is boson sampling. This technique is quite difficult to grasp for the […]

Frank Verhage
22 September

Post-Covid work

We overcome Covid and then everything will go back to how it was before. That was largely the expectation during the pandemic. Today, we know better. Regardless of how long or how severely the virus will continue to haunt us, it will never be the same again. Home office and remote work in particular have […]


Technolution PCB
13 September

Smaller FPGAs are here to stay

FPGA manufacturing is trending towards the development of increasingly bigger, faster, data-crunching power beasts, tailored to the ever-growing needs of large data centers. However, smaller FPGAs are still very much around, and they have many useful applications. At Technolution, the smaller type is considered to be an extremely flexible jack of all trades. “FPGAs are […]


8-bit Microcontrollers Still Anchor the Majority of Embedded Designs Today

They are tiny, but vitally important. The market for 8-bit microcontrollers continues to grow strongly as a key part of the drive to digitalisation, highlighted by the current chip shortages. Read more about Microchip’s 8-bit devices.

News & Analysis

15 September

Downsized nuclear power reactors vie for share in energy mix

The nuclear menu has expanded with small, modular nuclear power reactors. What do they have to offer? Nuclear power seemed destined for a life on the sidelines. Its share in the world’s electricity production was already on a steady decline when disaster struck at the Fukushima plant in Japan over a decade ago, prompting countries […]


High Tech Systems Center medical robot
7 July

High Tech Systems Center still alive and kicking

The High Tech Systems Center has been part of the Eindhoven AI institute EAISI for two years now. The mechatronics center sometimes seems to have been blown away by the AI storm, but the research themes surrounding high-tech systems go much further than just artificial intelligence. There are voices in favor of giving HTSC more of its own identity again.


InP 1
6 September

Turbocharging communication and sensor technology with indium phosphide integrated photonics

No technology platform can do it all in integrated photonics. In part II of a four-part series, we take a closer look at a base material that stands out for its ability to produce light, thus allowing for the fabrication of active components: indium phosphide.

20200924 Sysarch Jon Holt DSC_8198
19 May

“MBSE isn’t an overnight activity, it’s an evolution”

Jon Holt, Incose fellow and professor of systems engineering at Cranfield University, is sharing his 30-year experience in model-based systems engineering in a training course that will be offered in collaboration with High Tech Institute. “It’s not about technology, it’s about business change in a technical environment.” Is model-based systems engineering a hype? “MBSE isn’t […]

BvOF 2020_0219_AUH Eindhoven Engine Walter Baets liggend
28 April

Scalable and financially viable business models aren’t about technology

This June, Eindhoven Engine and High Tech Institute will launch “Business model innovation in an exponential world,” a training course that aims to make Dutch high tech more innovative. Bits&Chips talks to Walter Baets, who developed the training at Eindhoven Engine. Walter Baets has a background in econometrics, a discipline that, according to him, is […]

Jan Bosch foto serie 1000×56311
19 September

Boost your digitalization: DevOps

One of the models I use frequently in my consulting assignments is the 10 Types of Innovation model by Doblin/Monitor Group. As suggested by the name, it identifies ten different forms of innovation arranged around the business ecosystem, the offering and the customer experience. This model is important as most people think about improving the […]

Innovationquarter Anton Duisterwinkel
14 September

Additive manufacturing’s business potential extends well beyond the hardware

Selling additive manufacturing hardware is a solid business, but the real money is the ‘soft wares’ that will get these machines adopted on a wide scale, argues Anton Duisterwinkel. “Creativity is created by constraints,” my former teacher Gert Frens used to say. It took me years to understand what he meant. But he was right: […]