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Quality content written by Bits&Chips

Quality content is the key to successful marketing and recruitment, so make sure you hire the best technology writers to do the job. Bits&Chips is a content specialist in the high-tech field.
We can both publish articles that are written by you (applying to our editorial guideliness) or our tech editiors can write texts for you.

Editorial rates print and online

TypeSizeRateIncl. writing servicePrintOnline
Online article600-1,200 words
2-3 images, provided by you
€ 1,995€ 2,495X
2/1 page article1,000-1,200 words
2-3 images, provided by you
€ 2,495€ 2,995XX
Content servicePer hour / per projectOn request

All rates are incl. media agency discount and excl. VAT.
All articles will be published on, in the weekly newsletter and in the online magazine.

An online article contains at least 600 words and max. 1,200 words. For print articles we need 1,000 to 1,200 words, and it will be published on 2 pages. Images/pictures should be delivered as a separate PNG or JPG file to If desired, we can arrange a photographer for you (rate on request).

Editorial guidelines
An article in Bits&Chips should follow our editorial guidelines. You can request these via It can be written by one of our editors or you can choose to provide a text of your own, which complies to our editorial guidelines or which is edited to do so. We ask a publication fee. We also offer content services: content creation based on an hourly rate. 

SEO optimization
Make sure your article offers value to the Bits&Chips readers. Avoid duplicate content. We also advise you to add keywords to your online articles. For example, you can use Google Keyword planner or Ahrefs keywords explorer to help you come up with keyword ideas.

An article will be coordinated with the editors and should be sent three weeks before publication to For the exact dates, please check the online magazine publication list 2024.

Magazine publication list 2024

EditionPublicationDeadline materialDate of publication
1Online magazine12 January 20242 February 2024
2Online magazine16 February 20248 March 2024
3Online magazine22 March 202412 April 2024
4Online magazine19 April 202417 May 2024
5Online magazine7 June 202428 June 2024
6Online magazine6 September 202427 September 2024
7Online magazine18 October 20248 November 2024
8Online + print magazine11 November 202413 December 2024

Fact & Figures

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The benefits of Bits&Chips content services

By hiring Bits&Chips to generate your English content, you kill two birds with one stone. You generate top-quality pieces for your newsletters, website, and social media and receive instant international exposure through our established media ecosystem for the high-tech industry.

Bits&Chips is the premier publishing house for the Dutch high-tech sector. Our mission is to help high-tech companies reach an international audience and a constantly growing group of expats in the Netherlands who don’t (yet) speak Dutch.

The primary goal is to help you stand out, which can be a real challenge in the high-tech industry. Staying visible is an even greater task. Bits&Chips can help you craft a creative campaign to both catch —and keep— the attention of customers and talented engineers. To do that, in-depth content with the right tone is crucial. Bits&Chips’ editors have spent two decades writing for the high-tech industry; we are fluent in its many dialects and skilled in communicating a content-rich message.

Our tech writers can help you cut costs and save time. Hiring a PR agency or an extra force costs more than our editors. Additionally, our experienced editors can create top-quality content and readable articles much faster than your own people, who don’t write on a daily basis.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • native English (US) or Dutch
  • technology in clear language
  • correct in terms of technical content
  • dissemination through our media

Coverage, flexibility and exposure

There are several benefits to hiring the Bits&Chips team. The first is coverage: we’ll write your articles and press releases, turn them into accompanying items for your websites and social media channels. The second is flexibility: if you’d rather write your own content, no problem. We’re happy to guide you through your creative process and advise you on how to reach your goals. And then there’s exposure: we’ll edit your content to Bits&Chips’ house style and publish it on our website at no extra charge, giving you instant visibility on the Netherlands’ most widely read high-tech information portal.

Contact us for content service

    Please contact us via for more info or fill out the form above.


    We offer content creation based on the number of articles you purchase and the length. Depending on your wishes and the adaptation to different (media) channels, we can make a customized proposal for you. We are happy to consult for customized campaigns or appointments.

    Content creation examples

    To give you an idea about the content we can create, we’ve listed some sample items and their estimated time requirements below.

    News items

    • Short news item: A short piece (typically 100-200 words). Examples include a change-of-address notice, announcing a new branch office or welcoming a prominent new staff member.
    • News item: you brief our editor by phone or in person, and then we write an in-depth news item that typically fits onto a single page (600 words). Examples include announcing an acquisition or partnership and introducing a new product or service.
    • Press release: We adapt your news item for use as a press release and send it to targeted regional, national or global media outlets. We maintain a large database of suitable press contacts.

    Interview or background story
    Our editor conducts the interview, turns it into a compelling article and solicits feedback from those interviewed. The result is typically 1,000-1,200 words (but can be longer), including social media blurbs if desired.

    Background story written by you
    Your staff member writes the piece. Our editors provide guidance, editing and final corrections.

    Blog post or column
    An opinion piece that reflects the author’s personal viewpoint. Best kept short, 400 to a maximum of 1000 words. Your author or source briefs our editor, we write the post or column and work with the author to perfect its tone of voice.
    If you prefer to write the post yourself, our editors will provide guidance and final corrections.