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Bits&Chips strengthens the high tech ecosystem in the Netherlands and Belgium and makes it healthier by supplying independent knowledge and information. Bits&Chips focuses on news and trends in embedded systems, electronics, mechatronics en semiconductors. Our coverage revolves around the influence of technology.

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Bits&Chips subscription – free of charge

Bits&Chips is free of charge for delivery to addresses in the Netherlands. When you live in Belgium, then you can subscribe for a Bits&Chips premium membership (€59). To request a membership outside of the Netherlands or Belgium, please send an e-mail to

Bits&Chips premium member € 59 – only for individuals

You can join as a premium member for 59 euros per year. That gets you (in addition to the magazine) substantial discounts on admission to Bits&Chips events held bij Techwatch BV.

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For companies we have a business membership costing 159 euros per year. That includes two copies of Bits&Chips sent to the company address, plus two discount codes for every Bits&Chips event.

There are no free company subscriptions possible.

Bits&Chips subscription outside Europe

Even if you do not live in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can still become a member of Bits&Chips. You receive the digital magazine for the regular membership fee of € 59,- per year. If you also want to receive the magazine in printed form, we are forced to charge a higher rate of € 210,- per year due to the higher shipping and handling costs. This applies to both a premium membership and a company membership. You can apply for a membership via


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