The fifth edition of the Bits&Chips System Architecting Conference is organized as an online event series (9 online sessions) and a live event on 22 June 2022 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. We still have 3 more free online sessions coming up.

Through an inspiring program, this event always brings together system architects to share successful and failed development cases in both high tech and civil engineering.

Online session - 13 October

15:30 – 16:00

Filip Granek XTPL

Filip Granek (XTPL)

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a promising approach for the advanced packaging of next-generation microelectronic devices. Yet, to successfully implement AM techniques in this area, one has to approach several challenges, including high precision, high electrical conductivity, and complete adhesion to complex substrates. Our presentation will demonstrate ​​Ultra-Precise Deposition (UPD) technology to tackle these challenges. This approach gives highly-conductive micrometric structures on various complex substrates.

We will demonstrate that UPD is a universal platform for advanced packaging applications. We will discuss the working principle of the process, the means to control it, and the implementation of the UPD approach in the Delta Printing System so that the audience can evaluate how this solution can approach their particular challenges.

The UPD process works by direct extrusion of highly-concentrated metallic inks using pressure. Although UPD allows printing different classes of conductive and non-conductive materials, in this work, we will focus on metallic inks based on silver, gold, or copper nanoparticles. The ink viscosity can be up to 2,500,000 cP, deposited on the substrate using a printing nozzle with an opening diameter of 0.5. Moreover, the precise pressure-control system is vital to the setup. A vision algorithm controls the distance between the nozzle and the substrate. The proper design of the ink makes it stable inside the nozzle and allows for extrusion of the ink through such a narrow opening.

We will give several examples relevant to advanced packaging applications, including high-density interconnections on complex topographies, printed structures applicable for 6G antenna interconnections, TSV interconnections with no limitation to the aspect ratio (i.e., we can fill deep and narrow vias), and microbumps for flip-chip assembly.

Based on our results, we will argue that UPD can become an indispensable tool for advanced packaging, contributing to fast, reliable, and cost-effective prototyping and fabrication.

About Filip Granek
The scientific and technological mastermind behind XTPL, one of the world’s best specialists in cutting-edge technologies of solar cell production and technologies based on nanomaterials. For nearly 10 years, he worked for the most prestigious international hi-tech research facilities and businesses such as Fraunhofer ISE (Germany), ECN (the Netherlands), ANU (Australia), Kingstone Semiconductor Company Ltd. (China). He supervised research in close collaboration with the largest enterprises from the photovoltaic sector in Europe, Asia and the U.S. He received numerous awards and grants, e.g. the Burgen scholarship (Akademia Europea) and the grant of the Foundation for Polish Science. He is a member of the renowned Young Academy of Europe and he was awarded the Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant for eminent young scientists, the German DAAD’s grant, the prestigious LIDER research grant from the National Centre for Research and Development, and he was included among top European innovators (“New Europe 100 Challengers”). He authored 70 academic publications and submitted 30 international patent applications and patents.

16:00 – 16:15

René Raaijmakers (Bits&Chips and Mechatronica&Machinebouw)

Q&A with Filip Granek

Next sessions on:

  • 8 November: speaker to be announced
  • 13 December: speaker to be announced


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System architecture (and systems engineering) are distinguishing disciplines in the development and commercialization of complex systems, products and machines. The system architect’s decisions can make or break a product. A system architect needs to be a good communicator and problem solver, because he or she is in charge of the development of a system architecture. However, the system architect should also have technical knowledge from different kinds of disciplines.

Experience is an important factor, but the system architect can also learn a lot from his peers. Exchanging lessons learned from successful and failed development cases is invaluable to sharpen his mind. 

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The target audience consists of all involved in the development and commercialization of complex products and machines:

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