This webinar was live broadcasted on 29 September 2021 , 15:00 – 16:00 CET

Product design and development complexity continue to increase, extending to the system level where multiple components within products need to interact. Plus, each engineering discipline needs to ensure their workflow is as efficient. To deliver better, increasingly complex products in shorter timeframes now all disciplines need to work as closely together as possible. This means tasks need to be managed, tools need to be connected and orchestrated and data need to be managed traceably. Ansys platform offers tools to help you exactly with this.

  • We will show you the Ansys SPDM+PIDO solution which supports Ansys simulation tools, but also all other CAx tools you are using.
  • You’ll see how simulation workflows are set up, parameterized and automated. And how they are made available to the non-expert user in the form of a web application deployed to a central system.
  • We will demonstrate how even non-CAE experts can perform the calculations. This makes simulations, design studies and CAE-based product development cycles accessible to a much broader user base.
Ansys webinar Digital Transformation


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Quentin Hamoir
Regional Sales Manager at Ansys

The mechanical engineer joined Ansys in 2006. Currently in the role of Regional Sales Manager for the Benelux region Quentin is responsible for both direct and indirect sales.

David Schneider
Lead Product Manager at Ansys

After receiving his Civil Engineering Diploma at the University of Weimar in David started as software developer at Dynardo. In 2010 he received his doctorate in technical science at the University of Vienna. Since 2011 is responsible for product management at Dynardo which is part of Ansys since 2019.

Florent Petiot
Lead Product Manager at Ansys

Florent Petiot is the Lead Product Manager at Ansys. Florent joined Ansys in 2012 and had been working as a project manager within EMEA Consulting team before taking on the product management of Ansys Minerva.