Paul van Gerven
12 May 2022

French Quantum company Pasqal is going to explore with BMW how quantum computing technology can support metal forming modeling. The collaboration is the result of Dutch quantum algorithm and software developer Qu&Co winning the BMW Group Quantum Computing Challenge last year. Not much later, Qu&Co was acquired by Pasqal.

Credit: BMW

Qu&Co won BMW’s challenge to simulate material deformations. These kinds of modeling calculations “will bring the manufacturing process towards safer designs, more sustainable products and zero-prototyping,” Pasqal explains in a press release. The jury of BMW’s challenge concluded that Qu&Co “stood out with its approach to solving partial differential equations in the field of numerical simulation.”

BMW and Qu&Co have worked together before. Previous collaborations focused on developing quantum computational methods for chemistry and materials science, for example, to optimize battery designs.